About Us 
Margate City District pupils are housed in two separate facilities: the Eugene A. Tighe Middle School constructed in 1956, and the William H. Ross III Elementary School constructed in 2000. As a result of a 24 million dollar addition and renovation project and new school construction in 1999, all schools have been upgraded to enhance the educational environment. The elementary school houses the district administrative offices and grades K-4. The middle school, which houses grades 5-8, is departmentalized with an emphasis on thematic teaching.  Each building is serviced by special area teachers for music, physical education, visual arts, technology, and a media center. In addition, a Child Study Team is available for children with special needs. The team consists of a school psychologist, social worker, learning disabled teacher/consultant and speech therapists.Overall responsibility for the education of the K-8 children within the City of Margate lies with the district's Board of Education, composed of seven members, appointed by the mayor for staggered terms of three years. 

Board and District Administration and Staf

Board of Education Members (Expiration of Term)
  •  Jim Olivo, President (2018)
  • Catherine Horn, Vice President (2017)
  • Tracy Santoro  (2017)
  •  Lisa Youngblood, Esq.  (2018)
  • Joanne Kulzer (2019)
  • Joel Frankel (2019)
  • Jim Swift, Esq. (2018)


  • Mr. John DiNicola , jdinicola@margateschools.org
    Superintendent of Margate Schools; Director of Special Projects & Grants; Director of the Dominick A. Potena Performing Arts Center
    • Teresa Osborne, Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools
    • Susan E. Palaia, spalaia@margateschools.org
      Board Secretary and School Business Administrator
    • Jennifer Germana, Assistant School Business Administrator
  • Dr. Michelle CarneyRay-Yoder, mcarney-ray@margateschools.org
    Principal - William H. Ross Elementary School; Director of Special Education; 504 Coordinator; Homeless Liaison; Anti-Bullying Coordinator (ABC)
    • Carol Gitto, Secretary; Secretary of Special Education
  • Mrs. Audrey Becker,abecker@margateschools.org
    Principal - Eugene A. Tighe Middle School; Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Technology
    • Cyndie Eastman, Secretary
  • Mrs. Laureen Cohen, lcohen@margateschools.org
  • Supervisor of Instruction
  • Jim Olivo, jolivo@margateschools.org  
    President Margate City Board of Education